NFL Future’s 2013: Superbowl Winners

Superbowl Winners

I don’t normally like betting on Superbowl winners this far out, so much can happen in the interim. Still, there is some value in the market now if you don’t mind your money being tied up for the long term. The three best value bets in my opinion are.

Houston Texans- $14 (Betfair)

This Texans side made the playoffs for the first time in franchise history last year, as they took advantage of a Peyton Manning-less division to seize the AFC South. They smashed the Bengals in their first ever playoff game and then pushed the Ravens all the way in the Divisional round despite the fact they were playing with third string quarterback, T.J.Yates under centre. With a fully fit Matt Schaub, hopefully throwing to a fully fit Andre Johnson, this Texans side should pose more of an offensive threat than the one that ended the 2011 season. Johnson is undoubtedly one of the very best receivers in the league and it is imperative that he remain fit and manage more than the 7 games he played last season. If he does, then this passing game has the potential to keep opposition safties occupied, allowing more room for their real strength.